Souls Must Shine

Preaching love   
As stones are thrown   
Preaching love   
As chains are shackled   
Preaching love   
With acts of hate   
Evermore taunting fate 

Gifts of gods are free to all   
Why so few get to pick and choose   
Why in the name of love   
Is there such abuse 
Of hurt and hate that forever stings   
Holy ones prepare such gallows   
Casting first stones of stolen bling   
Judging and cutting scars deep into marrow   
Haunting lives from womb to tomb 
Flowers unknown will never bloom   

It's time for new days   
Our souls must shine   
Let's change our ways   
Your soul will shine   
In the name of love for eternal days   
Will you let your soul shine 

Through deep wounds cut to the marrow 
Better let my soul shine