As America celebrated it's bicentennial, a young Burmese family had just welcomed their only daughter into the mysterious and closed world of what was then called Burma, now Myanmar. As a young school girl and under her grandmother's watchful eye and guidance, the emotion of Madi's distinct vocals was quickly recognized and applauded by the faithful throughout Myanmar's Christian Churches. By her teen years, and encouraged by her grandmother's love, a nation of adoring Burmese fans quickly embraced Madi's range of soulful vocals. Her range is felt in romantic ballads, gospel blues, jazz funk and the rock and roll electric rhythms she learned from her father, blazing Myanmar guitarist Franky MoeMyint. 

At the height of her fame in Burma, she felt a restless urge to see the world. Before long she ventured to other SE Asian countries, Australia, Canada and finally landed in the USA. As she settled into her new surroundings, she dedicated herself to learning about the various cultures she encountered and broadening her understanding of her own inner path. 

Ever thoughtful and thankful of being raised with a Myanmar culture of respect for others, Madi has always remembered her grandmother's​ ​​loving wisdom of kindness and​ ​her mom's examples of helping others and her Church. Throughout her hiatus from the music industry, Madi has generously made her talents available by assisting numerous charities and youth groups. 

Everybody needs downtime, and for herself, she sings and plays music most days, paints as often as she can, loves mastering new recipes and is still learning how to keep her houseplants alive. 

​With her husband, ​they enjoy wandering around the world sharing experiences with all the people they meet, new friends and old.​ 
​After all this time, Madi's songs remain fan favorites on the radio in her home country. Answering the call of her fans, Madi is finally gearing up to head back in the studio to record some long time favorites and fresh original songs. She hopes her efforts will appeal to all those who love her emotional vocals while introducing her to a whole new generation of musical admirers.