Little Fawn 

Little fawn welcome to our world 
you're just so tiny and cute 
wildflower daisies taller than you 

Little fawn bopping to and fro 
  playing all day in the meadow 
napping and eating, come and go

Little fawn learning 
mommas lessons to survive 
so you'll have a happy long life 

Little fawn please take care 
make no mistake 
lot's of hunters out there 

Little fawn your life is so precious 
and humans, you can't really trust us 
so we'll watch from afar 
and we won't even feed ya 

Little fawn wherever you roam 
you'll be a buck or a doe 
so "thay thay lay" now 
but so big you'll grow 

Little fawn, white spotted lil' one 
when you see me next time 
please don't run 

Little fawn I could keep you for myself 
but it's your big world 
I wish you farewell 
go and give it a whirl 

Little fawn so "thay thay lay"
taking naps in our lawn 
the whole day long