Little Bear

Little bear bee on your nose 
playing with your sister 
mama watching so close 

little bear skinny little legs 
with a big ol' head 
paws and claws that shred 

little bear how would you know 
you'll be king of the hill 
so big and strong you'll grow 

little bear hearing mama call 
better get running 
but don't tumble and fall 

little bear living so free 
honey and flowers 
chased by the bees 

little bear sniffing 
danger in the breeze 
quickly you go 
climbing up the trees 

little bear walking with pride 
your brothers and sisters   
chasing mama for a ride 

little bear out of the glare 
camera snaps your steely stare 
one look and I don't dare 

little bear seeing stars at night 
bravely facing your world outside 
wolves howling at the moonlight 

little bear squeeze you so tight 
wanna hold you with all my might 
keep me warm all thru the night