Childhood Friends

Way back then 
do you even remember when 

oh my childhood friends 
separated by differences 
looking over fences 
with all our common senses 

cross and the crescent 
surrounded by a middle way 
all the rules we never bent 
miles and miles away 
hellos lost maybe never sent 
are we still the same 

through life's changes 
gray hair yesterday 
all the seasons and stars 
that have passed our way 
and still today here we are 
right beside me 
right beside you 
yeah still today here we are 

oh my childhood friends 
even though we are far apart 
it's only mystical miles 
you always see deep in my heart 
beyond the words are forever smiles 
in any battle on any field 
our love is always our shield 

oh my childhood friends 
our love painted true blue 
have I been there for you too 
all my childhood friends 
peekaboo bamboo 

and forever thank you.